Building beautiful, sustainable brands through circular fashion.

Sutton Brands pairs celebrities with existing brands to create custom
sustainable collection that showcases their unique aesthetic, while
being eco-friendly to our planet.

Our Mission


To grow the secondary retail market through the influence of brands via our incubation process, with the ultimate goal of increasing
the sustainability profile of the fashion industry.

Apparel Development

Drawing inspiration from our diverse clientele,
and from the market. we can achieve a
custom product tailored to your needs.

Production to Distribution House

Once that unique product is developed we take care of distribution to where ever it needs to be
and in the hands of your followers.

Celebrity Seeding

Brands, celebrities and influencers can benefit from our expertise in this process of target marketing.

Full Service Packages


From rebranding to remanufacturing, marketing to management, and distribution of your designs, we take care of each step. Material selection, product design, website construction, storefront creation, product delivery, accounting: these are all services provided at the highest level.

Take the first step toward creating
your inspired collection!